Your purchase is helping to preserve the Sonoran Desert for generations to come.

Sonoran Trails celebrates the Sonoran Desert and the people who love it. Through the sale of our products, we aim to educate about the wonders of this incredible place. In our store you will find lots of super cool desert themed apparel as well as blogs and links to useful resources about the Sonoran Desert.

To help ensure the preservation of this fragile ecosystem, Sonoran Trails proudly donates 15% of the profit from each sale to The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection. For more information on this wonderful organization, click below.

J. Booth

"This place is harsh, rugged, and hot. These trails are lonely, desolate, and eerily quiet. Every plant seems to be equipped with a collection of razor-sharp daggers. Venomous insects and reptiles casually lounge on, in, around, and under everything.

It is the most beautiful place on Earth, and there is nowhere I would rather be."

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