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What should I do if I see a rattlesnake?

First, ENJOY the moment! Try not to get any closer than about 5 or 6 feet from snake. If it knows you're there, it's likely going to be at least a little stressed. It wants to be left alone and sometimes, but not always, it will give you an obvious warning.... which you will hear. Take this warning seriously, it's not a bluff. If you're going to take a picture, try to be quick about it. Now move along. The snake will NOT chase or follow you! Do everyone a favor (including the snake) and alert oncoming hikers of what they may encounter. Enjoy the rest of your hike!

I need a good hat. Do you have any hats?

You really do need a good hat. And we want your hat to say Sonoran Trails on it. We're working really hard on finding a great selection for you. The answer is not yet, but hopefully very soon.

Is it Cactuses or Cacti?

What a great question. If you want to be good and proper, the answer is cacti. But I don't like to split hairs, and some will disagree with me, but I think either is perfectly expectable. I'm partial to the former myself.

Do I have to donate when I make a purchase?

You will never be asked to donate anything. When you purchase a tee shirt or a hoodie, Sonoran Trails automatically donates 15% of the profit from the sale to The Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection. If you would like to donate more to their organization or any other organization, you will need to visit the applicable website.

Do Jumping Cholla actually jump?

Of course not. But it sure seems like it. They're actually just really good hitchhikers. A section of the parent plant will detach and hitch a ride on whatever unlucky host it can. It might be a mule deer, or your dog, or you. When it finds its way back to the ground in a new location our little friend will, with any luck take root.

Not if, but when you become a host, a simple, fine toothed plastic comb is a handy tool to help remove the unwanted "cholla ball." Spoiler alert: It will be rather "uncomfortable."