Sometimes the elephant in the room is a snake.

  Snakes are probably one of the most misunderstood inhabitants of the Sonoran Desert. Similar to spiders, a common phobia associated with these creatures discourages some from ever venturing onto the trails. There is hope, however.

For those fearful of a chance encounter with a sunbathing Western Diamondback Rattlesnake or even a non-venomous King Snake, a shift in perspective might be all that's needed. With a little education and an open mind, your feelings about snakes can transform from a source of fear and confusion to a source of fascination and respect.

If you’re ready, I encourage you to start with just becoming more familiar with the snakes that you may encounter out on the trail or even in your own backyard. I’ve learned a ton from the folks over at Rattlesnake Solutions.  They have a very detailed snake identification page that is full of great pictures, range maps and everything you need to know to become acquainted with the various snakes living throughout Arizona. 

Click the link below to start changing your perspective or to simply learn something new!
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